Hemispheres onboard with Biomaster antimicrobial protection

Publish date: 1 jun 2021

When Covid-19 took hold in 2020 one of the first precautions most airlines took was to
remove inflight magazines from seat-back pockets. In fact, four of the top five U.S. airlines
removed their traveller magazines. However a year on, Hemispheres – the award-winning
inflight magazine, will soon be back onboard flights thanks to Biomaster technology.

Hemispheres is published by Ink Global and produced in New York and Miami. The magazine
is circulated monthly and reaches 139 million business and leisure travellers annually.

Biomaster antimicrobial technology present within the paper coating continually works to
prevent the growth of the micro-organisms, effectively reducing contamination levels on the
surface. Surfaces treated with Biomaster protection are proven to reduce opportunities for
cross contamination and provide an important second line of defence in addition to regular
airline cleaning protocols.

In independent laboratory testing the UV cover coating used on Hemispheres magazine
demonstrated a 99.99 percent reduction in microbes.

The magazine Editor-in-Chief Ellen Carpenter says: ”We’re excited to once again bring our
inspiring content to flyers all over the world, safely.” 

Addmaster Marketing Manager Karl Shaw adds: “Passengers were understandably
nervous about handling well-thumbed magazines, but a Biomaster coating makes
paper products exposed to high-touch volumes more hygienic without affecting the
appearance or performance of the paper itself. 

In the aviation industry antimicrobial technology is also now being added to cabin surfaces
including seating and wall cladding as part of their stringent infection control regimes.”

For more information visit the Hemispheres magazine website. 

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British Addmaster Holdings Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polygiene since
January 2021, with specialist skills within antimicrobial technology and hard surfaces.
The company has a range of products for this kind of applications, found in consumer
products, public spaces as well as in hospital environments and more. 

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