Outdoor Research Ignitor Tee

Publish date: 7 jun 2015

Super lightweight, quick drying, wicking, and pretty dang cool looking; just some of the great things the Outdoor Research Ignitor Tee has going for it. The Ignitor Tee is one awesome tech shirt that has found its way into my pack in almost all of my recent trips, it is my go to for a cool morning run (I have the long sleeve Ignitor Tee) and I have also been caught wearing it to work on more than one occasion.

The Ignitor Tee is made from 100% heathered polyester. That means it’s super lightweight and breathable which are huge pluses. If you know your garment history, however, you know that although the switch from cotton to polyester was a huge success in the advancement of technical apparel there was one huge downside: the stench. Polyester, despite all of its awesome benefits, gets stinky fast. However, the Ignitor Tee uses some pretty awesome technology to ward off that stench causing bacteria.

As a nerd of gear innovation here’s a brief look at why the Ignitor Tee is about a million times better than the polyester tech tees of yesteryear. The Ignitor Tee uses a rather new technology called Polygiene® to kill off the bacteria that causes us to stink. Polygiene® is made from natural silver salt made from recycled silver. The silver treatment, which is applied to the garment and lasts the duration of the garment’s life, kills bacteria at the source with some pretty awesome success. The treatment is effective and doesn’t effect the comfort or wear-ability of the Ignitor Tee at all. In truth, if you know nothing about the Polygiene® treatment you would have no idea you were wearing silver salt. So their is a quick lesson on Polygiene® and why it’s use with polyester tech garments like the Ignitor Tee makes a huge difference in the wear-ability of polyester.

Now, let’s get back on the subject of why I have loved wearing the Ignitor Tee besides the fact the Ignitor Tee takes a lot of wear, tear and abuse to get stinky before being washed. Because the Ignitor Tee is 100% polyester it keeps the body cool when it’s hot and also keeps the body warm when it’s cold. I have used the shirt on cool morning runs and hikes in the mountains as well as warm afternoon runs in the city. It has done well to regulate my body temperature regardless of the outside conditions, as long as it isn’t too hot or too cold.

The bottom line on the Ignitor Tee is a total score. This shirt is the total package and then some. Extremely lightweight, super comfortable and of course the anti-stink Polygiene® to keep you going all day while still smelling like a peach.

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