Polygiene Expands in the Americas with Key Focus on the Brazilian Market

Publish date: 9 okt 2018

Polygiene enters Brazil, the fifth largest textile producer in the world, with two Sao Paolo based key representatives brought on board to launch the global leader in Stays Fresh technology.

In addition, Polygiene will sign an agreement with a local distributor to serve this dynamic market that mainly has a domestic fulfilment with their textile and apparel sector.

Brazil is by far the most important market to target in Latin America with a rising economic power, even despite the recent economic challenges the country has faced. Several reasons make Brazil a key potential market for Polygiene; the climate, a population of more than 200 million, and a GDP greater than the rest of the countries in the region.

“We are getting a terrific response when we are meeting companies, both in terms of our functionality as well as our sustainability story. Polygiene is seen as a perfect fit in this hot and humid climate. We are already in contact with a number of major potential partners and are hoping to close some important deals soon”, states Peter Sjösten, Vice President Commercial Operations Polygiene.

Polygiene is now also present with a local distributor in El Salvador, to cover the regions of Central America and Mexico.

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