Polygiene restructures its management team

Publish date: 24 aug 2020

Polygiene is strengthening its corporate management team due to increased demand for the company’s anti-viral technology. Andreas Holm, who was brought in as a temporary resource during the launch of ViralOff, will assume the position of Chief Commercial Officer, effective September 1, 2020, and be based at the head office in Malmö. Prior to joining Polygiene, Andreas served as Sales Director Nordic & Baltic for Thule Group AB.

“Andreas has been a welcome addition to the sales organization, bringing well-documented experience in managing sales operations from his previous position at Thule,” says Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene. “In his new role, he will now focus on setting up global structures that enable rapid growth in a systematic and scalable way.”

Effective September 18, Dane Momcilovic will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a focus on streamlining processes and driving the technical team forward. He will be based at the head office in Malmö and brings with him a solid background in managing technical teams. His expertise is especially important now as Polygiene has broadened its product portfolio, developed new technologies and more stringent regulations. Prior to joining Polygiene, Dane served as Group R&D Manager at Diab and, before that, as CTO at Nexam Chemical.

As a consequence of above, Daniel Röme, former board member of Polygiene and acting CTO, will now devote his efforts entirely to product development and innovation. Product development and innovation is a priority for the company, and we will be allocating more resources to support efforts here. Daniel has been one of the key people in developing ViralOff, and leveraging his skills is extremely important as the company moves forward

“As Andreas and Dane take on their new roles, our new management team will be complete. It is a big advantage that both will be in place at the head office in Malmö. With a trimmer, close-knit management team, we will be able to make decisions more quickly and implement them – a must now that the company is entering a completely new phase,” adds Björk.

“Engaging and connecting people and resources within the regions will continue going forward,” says Björk. “The advantage now is that the regions can focus the core business in their respective regions and rely on the head office to provide even stronger support to meet their needs.”