S.M. Group launches Denimmune fabrics, treated with Polygiene ViralOff®

Publish date: 17 aug 2020

The Pakistan-based manufacturer of denim presented the new textile product at Denim Expo recently. The production is already rolling and the order value for Polygiene is estimated at 5 MSEK annually.

As consumers we tend not to see them, but S.M. group is one of the “unseen heroes” in the fashion industry, the textile makers who manufacture for the well known consumer brands.  S.M. has during the years created many innovative denim ranges like DNA, Denovation and Feather Lite, but this is the first antimicrobial protection range. 

”It’s the need of the time, we have foreseen the future quite early during this catastrophe and decided to convert it into an opportunity as well as a way to express our responsible attitude towards global community. Its the new normal, we understand that and thus we decided to diversify our product range into something which people would appreciate. Its a way of getting along in this new normal balancing caution, precaution and fashion altogether. We reckon our message of hope travels far and wide through our product and become a way to cater to the present needs of global community” says Asif Merchant, founder of S.M. Group.

“The ViralOff treatment is a triple benefit on denim really. First, it of course eliminates viruses as a reason to wash needlessly. Second, it reduces all microbes which means you have to wash it far less for odor and other reasons – this ensures better wear-in, fit and color durability. And, all of this means jeans will last way longer than today. All of this is a sustainability offer with significant impact” says Vishal Bandhari, business director for Polygiene.