Addmaster Returns to Its Roots: A Strategic Move to Reinforce Leadership in Antimicrobial Technology

Publish date: 18 jan 2024

Following overwhelming customer feedback, Addmaster, a pioneering force in antimicrobial technology and part of the Polygiene Group, is excited to announce a significant turning point in its journey. Commencing 18[th] January, the company will proudly revert back its original ‘Addmaster’ branding, solidifying its standing as a preeminent market leader in the field. As part of this positive reaction to customer feedback, the business has launched a new standalone website. The previous Addmaster website was regarded as a valuable asset by customers.

This strategic decision is propelled by the resounding knowledge, value, and recognition attained by Addmaster’s esteemed products, particularly Biomaster, in the dynamic marketplace. While maintaining an integrated part of the Polygiene Group, this move is a testament to Addmaster’s commitment to fortifying its identity and brand, a brand synonymous with excellence in antimicrobial technology.

Re-embracing the Addmaster brand is not just a nod to the company’s proud heritage; it’s a reflection of unwavering dedication to core values. Addmaster embodies Integrity, Innovation, and Quality – values that have been pivotal to its success and will continue to guide its future endeavours.

”We are confident that this strategic move will not only strengthen our identity but also deepen our connection with our valued customers,” said Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene Group. ”Amidst this positive transition, we want to assure our customers that the exceptional quality of our products, services, and customer support remains unwavering. We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for our customers, ensuring that their journey with us remains nothing short of exceptional.”

Addmaster takes pride in its rich legacy of delivering cutting-edge antimicrobial solutions to a diverse range of industries. The decision to revert to the original brand aligns with a renewed commitment to innovation and technological excellence.

Looking ahead, Addmaster is poised to continue its leadership in advancing antimicrobial technology. The company remains committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends, developing ground-breaking solutions, and maintaining the highest standards of quality. This move signifies not only a return to its roots but a leap forward into an exciting future of continued growth and innovation.