Christian von Uthmann (VP New Ventures & Strategies) and his partner has sold in total 212,000 shares to finance the purchase of a house.

Publish date: 5 mar 2018

To avoid speculations, the Company chooses to release the following information that Christian has given the Company.

Christian and his partner have sold in total 212,000 shares last week. On February 28, Christian’s partner sold 62,000 shares (average price 10.62 SEK) and Christian 100,000 shares (average price 10.20 SEK). On March 2, Christian sold 50,000 shares (average price 9.60 SEK).

Christian has informed the Company that the reason for his and his partner’s sale of shares is that they recently signed a contract to buy a house and therefore immediately needed money to finance parts of the purchase price. Furthermore, Christian has informed the Company that they do not have any need to sell more shares due to the purchase of the house, and that he believes in Polygiene and that they intend to keep their remaining shares.

After the sales, Christian and related persons have approximately 458,000 shares in Polygiene.