Polygiene and TK-Domashniy Tekstyl sign distributor agreement – starting with a million facemasks and 100 000 protection suits

Publish date: 17 jul 2020

Polygiene and TK-Domashniy Tekstyl, a home textile company in the Ukraine, has signed an exclusive distributors agreement for the Ukrainian market.

TK-Domashniy Tekstyl is a major player in home textiles, working on all levels in their field, from raw materials, lego production and over 5000 consumer articles, exporting to many countries beyond the Ukraine. They are also the leading supplier of textile products to the Ukrainian government and the only company with production of medical suits in Ukraine.

It is here the partnership starts, with an initial batch of 1 million ViralOff treated face masks and 100 000 protective suits. But Polygiene and TK-Domashniy Tekstyl see many more opportunities, both in terms of a wider range of products, as well as cooperation with third party customers in the region.

“Adding TK-Domashniy Tekstyl to our distributor network gives us a good representation in the area”, says Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene. “Being vertically integrated and with access to markets both governmental and private, they are a great gateway for us.”

“We see a lot of interest and have a ready strategy for distributing ViralOff treated textiles”, says Volodomyr Martsenyuk, Managing partner for TK-Domashniy Tekstyl. “We serve both the Ukrainian public through government programs, as well as commercial partners and direct to consumers and see the relevance on all levels.”

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