Swany and Polygiene takes personal safety essentials to a new level with a ViralOff® series

Publish date: 24 sep 2020

With more than 90 years of cutting-edge research, design, and manufacturing experience, Swany is committed to providing the best in performance products. Now, together with Polygiene, they have created an entire range of self-sterilizing, anti-microbially treated products featuring masks, gloves, balaclavas, and neck gaiters.

The idea is to give people a range of products that are close to mouth, hands, nose and eyes – and to make them essentially self-cleaning when it comes to viruses. Since they not only inhibit viruses but also odors, they do not need to be washed and will always be available when needed. The products will be very useful this winter in ski resorts and other areas where face covering will be mandatory. The ViralOff Fall/Winter liner glove, ViralOff Neck Gaiter and ViralOff Balaklava will be launched in late November 2020. Additional styles will also be launched for spring/summer 2021.

“In 1990 we set our mind to make the best ski-glove in the world. We like to come up with challenges, and then solve them. This time we wondered – what are the performance products that could help people get through these times?” says Ichiro Kuwahara, President at Swany America.

“Swany is an inspirational brand, and now even more so in that they give people tools to enjoy life as much as possible in the present situation. It is really great to be able to take this series of close-to-person items to the market together” says Isabelle Quintin – Sales North America, northeast.

Swany press contact: kpoliti@swanyamerica.com

Polygiene press contact: Mats Georgson, CMO, mats@polygiene.com, +46 70 656 48 90

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ViralOff is an antimicrobial treatment added to textiles to protect the treated article itself from contamination and is not intended to cure or prevent diseases.

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